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What Type of Braces to Choose?

People, with dental deformities and some other teeth problems, often opt for braces. These devices adjust the teeth so that they can grow in an aligned manner. However, a question remains, as to what braces are right for me. The two main choices to consider are ceramic or metal braces. Metal ones are traditional and can be adjusted. However, they obviously can be seen when you open your mouth, which may be embarrassing . On the other hand, ceramic braces are popular since they aren't as obvious, which gives them much more positive aesthetic appeal.

Ceramic Braces, Why?

Ceramic braces are for people who do not want to have their braces visible. Truly, these braces, made of plastic or ceramics, mimic the color of your teeth quite well, so that some people may not notice that you are wearing them. However, they get soiled easily by your intake of certain foods and drinks, Smokeing can also cause discoloration. This is why you need to be selective with what you eat while they are on. Also, there are wires, that are used with these braces, that may be visible but not as obvious as with the metal braces.

Metal Braces, Why?

Metal braces have evolved a lot, since they were first introduced. Today, they are smaller and fit one's mouth without the problems, once associated with the tongue or lips. Their brackets can be multicolored, differently shaped and made specifically to fit your mouth. For those who do not care for the look of stainless steel , there are braces made of gold which may provide a look of elegance and prestige.

Metal braces serve their purpose faster than ceramic ones do. However, this comes with a price since they are known to cause irritations to the gums and the mouth. Still, these braces are less expensive and more durable and effective than the ceramic ones.

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