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Flossing teeth can be done with a use of a device called threader. This dental floss threader is very good for those with dental appliances, such as bridgework or braces. We will talk more about this device in the following lines. Oral hygiene is very important and dental flossing is a great part of this process. Flossing should be done once during the day according to the dentists. This promotes good health of the gums and helps with the dental hygiene. If you floss your teeth, you will avoid gum diseases, bad breath, cavities and other dental problems. The mouth is a place where dental plaque, bacteria and residue of food stay, and by flossing you can remove them from your mouth. Many dental appliances make breeding grounds for microorganisms and bacteria, so flossing is very important since it can prevent dental diseases and remove the plaque. But if you are having permanent retainers, dental implants, bridges and braces, flossing may represent a difficulty. These situations call for dental floss threader, which can clean regardless of the obstruction present. We will see how these machines work.

Dental Floss Threader

This is a flexible device, which will surely help those with dental appliances such as bridgework or braces. The dental appliances make maneuvering with dental floss difficult, but these machines can avoid such obstacles and clean your teeth. The dental floss threader has firm, thin and loop end through which dental floss is inserted. The spaces in the mouth will easily be passed with the firm and stiff end of this device. But know that when the contact between the bridge and the teeth occurs, the device needs to be slowly pulled. You can use dental floss normally once the cleaning with the dental flossing threader is complete.


Knowing the correct way to floss is very important since more plaque can be removed. We will tell you how to do this. The end of the device needs to be inserted below the bridge of the gum line. The long floss piece should be held and then the sharp end of the device needs to be pulled through the device. With both hands, move the threader forward and backward like a normal flossing routine. If you are using this device and you have new braces or bridges, be careful to clean the area under the bridge. Once cleaning is completed, the floss should be pulled in the opposite direction and remember that new cleaning needs new dental floss. Superfloss is an option you can use as well. Know that you will have to get accustomed to the routine of cleaning with this device. Be careful when using dental floss threader in the beginning, until the tissue gets used to it. Flossing the teeth at the evening is the best solution if you floss once during the day, although dentists say that flossing should be done after each meal. This will make your teeth clean and promote good dental hygiene.

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