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The acid in question is not a variety that is readily found in nature. As a matter of fact, it is man-made. The way in which it is produced is by mixing two different substances, i.e. Borax and sulfuric acid to be more precise. Given the fact that it is labeled as only slightly acidic, it is considered to be acceptably safe for the regular use, more specifically, as a medical eye wash.

Yeast infections

As we all already know, this kind of infection is fairly frequent among people, making no distinction between men and women. At the basis of the greatest percentage of yeast infections is a yeast variety known under the name of Candida albicans. The condition it causes is, in medicine, known as Candidiasis. The yeast as such is extremely fond of those warm and moist environments, as they find them the most suitable for their procreation and existence. Of course, our body offers a great number of such “hot” spots where yeast will go and feel right at home, treating a person in question with a “present” in form of an infection. The most favorite destinations include the mouth, vagina, area between the toes, bends of the person’s elbows, area behind the knees and ears, and in some instances even the armpits. When it comes to target groups, it must be pointed out that infants are most susceptible to yeast infections, as they are endowed with quite a lot of skin folds, which are, of course, pretty difficult to maintain immaculately dry and clean at all times.

One thing is for sure, once the person is befallen by yeast infection, s/he should not just ignore it because it will not only attract a lot of needless attention, but also put a person in question in quite embarrassing position due to the incessant itching, which is one of the most prominent features of a yeast infection.

Boric relief

Employing this specific kind of acid is known to increase the acidity level of just about any region of the person’s body. For example, the natural pH level of a vagina is slightly acidic, thus making it almost impossible for yeast to thrive there. Therefore, by increasing those acidity levels to a much more normal state (such as the above-mentioned one, for example) will hinder the multiplication of yeast and enable a person to keep them in control, thus avoiding the infection altogether.

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