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Despite the fact that many might find it impossible or hardto believe, there actually are foods that can improve mood. And no, this doesnot only refer to the foods that contain caffeine and sugar. This is why itmight be useful to keep reading, particularly for those who are wondering how to feelbetter, because they will realize that even when they are in a bad mood, theyare actually just a bite away from good mood.

Why and how does the food influence our mood?

The truth is that people tend to choose what they eataccording to their taste, and there is nothing unusual about that. However,what they do not know is that food can affect the chemicals in the brain and inthis way affect the mood as well. Since people are unaware of this, they do notknow that their choice of food will actually influence their mood either in apositive or in negative way. Besides caffeine and carbohydrates, which areknown to affect the levels of serotonin and improve one’s mood, vitamin B andfolic acid are also nutrients that have similar effect. When compared to rich sources of the previous two, it is obvious that the sources of the two latter aremuch healthier.

Foods that do lift one’s mood

Fish, as well as plants rich in omega-3 fatty acids, areperfect mood boosters. They help in dealing with depression and moodiness, andmany people have confirmed that there is some link between them.Pumpkin and sunflower seeds have the power to improve one’smood due to their content of tryptophan, which can normalize the appetite, aswell as sleep. It is highly recommended to eat them raw.Spinach is a rich source of folic acid, and what results ofsome studies have indicated is that it can lower the levels of the hormone closelyrelated to depression.Garlic is loaded with selenium, a mineral known for itsability to make people smile provided they had sufficient amount of it.Bananas affect the mood due to tryptophan and three naturalsugars that they contain. This is why the person who eats a banana ispractically guaranteed to get an immediate boost to the energy.

And last, but certainly not the least important, that wewill mention is water. It is not really a type of food, but given that thegreatest majority of the brain is made up of it, it is important to keep ithydrated well.

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