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Natural Remedies for Bones


This herb is considered to be one of the most ancient and well known healing plants in the entire human history known to mankind up till this point. A rough estimate places it in the group of trees which are considered to have been a part of the earth’s vegetation ever since 270 million years ago. In the ancient times, the plant itself was mostly used as means for healing wounds. Another interesting fact about this plant is that it is considered to be one of the richest “springs” of the cola seams.


This is another in the line of pretty old herbs, known to have been used for ages as a remedy for bone related fractures. Its also goes by the name of knit bone. The secret of comfrey lies in the fact that it contains one chemical which is known to aid and initiate the muscle regeneration process – allantoin. When treating muscles, the best way is to crush it and make a powder like substance which is later to be applied, in a topical manner to the area that has suffered an injury. What is believed to happen then is that allantoin gets skin-absorbed, thus quickening the healing and recuperation of the bones that are broken. As far as the general properties are concerned, the herb itself is sweet in taste, and also has cooling properties. When analysing its chemical contents we find that it is rich in vitamin B 12, tannins and proteins. What should be minded is that for the purposes of healing, parts mostly used are the root and the aerial ones. If you aim at using it in an external manner, then you should employ its leaves and flowering tops – they are most frequently used in the making of ointments and oils for the purpose of aiding in the process of treatment of sprained joints, to ease arthritic pain and various other injuries physical in nature.

Preparation Procedure

Having preparation in mind, there exist various ways in which this can be done. One of them is to make a poultice like blend out of it. Some of the more experienced herbalists tend to make puree out of fresh comfrey leaves and in that form apply it to the injured area, spot or bone fracture. Yet another common way of using this herb is in the form of a cream, for it is easily spreadable over the injured regions. Comfrey creams are most frequently used to ease and ameliorate the most common symptoms of arthritis and various other muscle related damages.

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