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In this text, we will focus the bone spurs. We will discuss what they are, what causes them, what problems they create and how they can be treated. The problem of bone spur is created when the bone becomes damaged or arthritic. On these locations, growths begin to form and this is what osteophytes or bone spurs are. Tendons and bone joints are locations on which they are usually formed. The bone strengthening occurs if the bone deteriorates or damage is sensed. This is due to the creation of tissue in this area. This extra tissue is created around the bone and it becomes hard over time. This makes a bone spur, which creates problems with movement. It can lead to trapped nerve or pinched nerve.

Ankle Bone Spur

Shoulder, ankles, elbow and spine bone spurs are the most common ones, but the spur can happen on any bone in the body. Most commonly, the ankle bone suffers due to the frequent tear and wear of this joint. Osteoarthritis is a problem that can lead to anklebone spurs. The bone is protected with a cartilage, which is affected by this condition. Then friction between the cartilage and the bone occurs due to the wearing of the cartilage brought on by the osteoarthritis. This leads to the formation of bone spur. Ankle injury can also create bone spur. Tight ligaments may cause pressure on the feet and this can produce anklebone spur. They can also be created due to wearing of tight shoes or due to the stressed ligament located in the bottom area of the foot. This stress pulls the heel and inflames the ligament. The spur is then created in an attempt to correct the damage. Also, calcification of the tendons and ligament attachment to the bone can occur and this may lead to the bone spur creation in the region of Achilles tendon.


In most cases, there are no visible problems and symptoms. Because of this, people may not even detect them. But, inflammation, swelling, tenderness, numbness, and pain are associated with a bone spur. The pain and swelling can be caused by the breakage of the tissue due to the pressure placed on the bones or nerves created by the bone spur. The bone spur can be padded with extra tissue, which can be developed. This leads to calluses and corns.

A very painful problem is a bone spur caused by arthritis. The pain in this case can only be eliminated on the operating table. The surgery involves incision and a use of camera, and the recovery will need some physical therapy.

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