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Bloodshot Eyes and the main symptoms

The enlargement of the small blood vessels is condition called bloodshot eyes.These blood vessels also become congested with blood. The insufficient oxygensupply of the eye covering tissue or cornea is the most common cause of thisproblem, which is usually not of great concern, but it can sometimes causevision problems. This suggests the most serious cases. From the bleeding, adense bloody area on the sclera is created and it is bright red in colorand is usually produced in the morning hours. It is gone after a few days. Althoughit is quite awful looking item, it does not induce any pain. The blotch ofblood we are talking about is named subconjunctival hemorrhage.

The symptoms are results of another medical problem. The seriousness on theproblem cannot be determined only by the redness of the blood blotch. The mostcommon symptoms are swollen hands or feet, pus or mucus, twitching, coughing,sneezing, sniffing, pain, bloating, stomach acne, dry eye, inflammation, headache,eye dryness, swelling, and itchiness.

Causes of Bloodshot Eyes

There are several reasons for creation of bloodshot eyes. They can be createdduring the morning or night. The causes for problem created during night includecontact lenses overuse, chemical fumes, cigarette smoke, fatigue, eyestrain,sun exposure and environmental toxins, while the cause for morning bloodshot eyes is decreased night tear secretion. Cosmetic products used during the night, dietand food, alcohol, sleep deprivation and sleep apnea may also cause it. Some of other causes include improper diet, infection, dry air, IBS, mumps, menopause, glandularfever, menstruation, hypertension, high blood pressure, liver disease, kidneyproblems, pregnancy, anxiety, stress, drugsfor blood thinning, foreign bodieslocated in the conjunctiva or cornea, diabetes, cornea abrasion, cornealinfection and ulcers, conjunctivitis.


In more serious cases, the doctor will give you eye drops, while other cases donot need medical attention. Bodies in the eye can be removed with the salinesolution. Since the pink eye is contagious, try not to rub your eyes or touchthe affected location. Treatment can include medications or natural remedies.Some prefer natural remedies since they do not cause any side effects.Vaccinium myrtillus is a beneficial remedy, since it helps in supplying oxygento an eye. Another good remedy is Aspalathus linearis, along with Sutherlandiafrutescens, which has adaptogenic properties and it is an antioxidant. Rememberto use products of highest quality, like Vizu-All Plus. This product helps thehealth of the eye and the surrounding tissue.

You can splash cold water in order to reduce the trouble. Also, include morevitamin B and C supplements. Try to avoid chemicals, toxins, smoke and sunexposure. You can also try using protective goggles, lenses withoutpreservatives and applying hot compress on the location.

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