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High blood pressure is a condition when a heart pumps more blood than it is necessary, thus making a huge pressure to the walls of arteries. This condition is also known as hypertension. It must be treated promptly, because it is potentially very serious and dangerous disorder that may cause various complications, which can be even fatal.

High blood pressure in children

The blood pressure in children changes as they grow, so there is no specific blood pressure reading that indicates the high blood pressure like in adults. However, high blood pressure in children is regarded to be the blood pressure that is higher than the blood pressure of children of the same age, sex and height. In the majority of cases, because of the changeability of the normal blood pressure in children, the doctors usually overlook this condition.

When hypertension occurs in children who are younger than 10, it is usually secondary hypertension and occurs due to some other medical condition. On the other side, high blood pressure may appear in children because of poor diet, physical inactivity and obesity. Once the high blood pressure is diagnosed in children, it must be treated. The child must change certain habits and lifestyle in general, while in some cases, even medications are needed.

Symptoms of high blood pressure in children

Usually, many children hardly have any of the sings of high blood pressure. On the other hand, they may appear in some other children. If they appear, the child may experience the pain in the chest, difficulty concentrating and headaches. Some children feel constant fatigue and have difficulty with sleeping. Blurred or double visions, shortness of breath or confusion are some of the signs that are characteristic for the severe cases of high blood pressure in children.

It is very important for the child to check the high blood pressure a year during a routine doctor's visit, beginning when the child is at the age of 3. Certain conditions, such as premature birth, low birth weight, congenital heart disease, and certain urinary, or kidney problems require regularly checked high blood pressure.

Treatment of high blood pressure

A child with high blood pressure must consume a healthy diet rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals. The foods that are recommended for high blood pressure in children are fresh fruits and vegetables, and a lot of fish because fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that are very potent in lowering the high blood pressure. Furthermore, the child with hypertension must be more active and take up some sport.

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