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A thrombus, or a blood clot, is the product of the blood coagulation. Blood clots normally occur in the process of injury, to prevent the excessive loss of blood. However, blood clots may also be pathologic, in the case of thrombosis. Thrombosis is a condition distinguished by the formation of a blood clot inside of a blood vessel. The clot inside the vessel is an obstacle that interrupts the normal blood flow. Thrombosis may occur for various reasons and it is commonly caused by the abnormalities specific for a particular location in the body.

Blood clots in the brain

There are various reasons which can cause the formation of blood clots in the brain. Generally, blood clot in the brain is formed because of the bleeding that takes place in a region between the skull and brain. A head injury or trauma is one of the most common causes of the brain clots. Sometimes, blood clot in the brain comes from another region of the body, because blood clots have a tendency to break away from the initial area and move with the blood flow to different parts of the body. Blood clots in the brain may block the blood supply and cause a stroke or put an additional pressure on the brain tissue.

Blood clots in the lungs

The condition in which the blood clot blocks the lung artery is known as a pulmonary embolism. A clot usually gets to the lung artery by migrating from another place from the body. This is a serious condition that obstructs the blood flow to the lungs causing permanent damage to the lungs, low oxygen levels in the blood and resulting damage to all other organs. Blockage resulting from a large blood clot or from a multitude of them may even be fatal.Blood clot in the eyes

This kind of blood clot is most commonly caused by an injury to the eye. However, it may also result from coughing, sneezing, straining of the eyes, rubbing the eyes, high blood pressure, eye injury, and some medical conditions. These blood clots have a tendency to change position from time to time. In order to get rid of the blood clot, it is important to rest the eyes as much as it is possible, and prevent a possible loss of vision.

Blood clots during menstruation

Blood clots are normal for menstruation. The blood clots appear mostly in the days of heavy bleeding. Normally, the body produces anticoagulants to regulate the menstrual flow, but the heavy periods obstruct this natural mechanism and prevent the complete functioning of anticoagulants. This is why blood clots appear during menstrual bleeding.

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