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Bloating stomach cure

This is a painful problem, as well as an embarrassing one. The bloating itself does not take place in the stomach bit in the small intestine. Irregular digestive processes that produce gases more than usual can cause chronic stomach bloating . If it goes on for several months, then it is labeled as chronic. Intolerance to dairy, fructose or yeast usually cause this sort of bloating. Bloating can be described by pressure and fullness in the stomach, which is caused by gases being caught in the small intestine. This happens to people with bad eating habits such as, missing breakfast, eating lots of junk foods and also eating at random times.

Eat smaller mealsA person should eat a smaller meal five or even six times a day, instead of three large meals a day. Eating big portions and drinking water during the meal should be avoided. Water should be drank half an hour after the meal. It would also help if a person would chew slowly. Bloating is increased when eating fast.

Avoid spicesBland hot soups and vegetables are excellent remedies for the bloated stomach. A person should limit the use of salt and spices, along with wheat and refined flour that comes in forms of bread, cookies and croissants, among others.

Check on liquidPlenty of water, but warm and not cold, is recommended. Intake of tea and coffee should be kept to a minimum. Anything that contains sugar in huge amounts should be avoided.

Refrain from excess fibersEven though fiber is good for the body, its intake should not be excessive. A person should reduce the amount of fruits or salads that he or she consumes, 25 grams of fiber per day is the suggested amount.

Increase Exercises/MassageA person should introduce some sort of exercise into his or her life. Yoga is good, and half an hour's walk after the meal is even better. Of course, yoga should not be done right after the meal. A good thing after the meal is a stomach massage.

Get rid of constipationConstipation is one of the leading perpetrators behind bloating. Those who suffer from constipation are most likely to be suffering from bloating as well. There are natural remedies that can help in the treatment of constipation that should be included in your lifestyle.

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