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Introduction to belching

Belching is a completely natural process that occurs when a person has to get rid of excessive gas through the mouth in order to provide relieve when air is accumulated in the stomach.

It is a coordinated action of the body in which the exit of liquids and solids is restricted and while the gas is forced out of the body.

Everyone belches or burps, from infants to adults.

Belching is a natural process and is necessary for the body to some extent, but people who excessively belch may have some kind of problem.

It is also rather embarrassing when someone is burping in public a lot, especially, if it is loud and the belch smells bad.

There are health conditions that can cause a person to belch excessively.

Causes of excessive belching

Excessive belching usually occurs when a person swallows too much air.

When a person eats very quickly or drinks food quickly or through a straw they swallow a lot of extra air. Other activities that can cause a person to swallow more air than usual include chewing gum and smoking.

When a person belches excessively it can also be caused by indigestion or heartburn, which stem from more serious digestive problems such as acid reflux, stomach ulcers and gastritis.

People can begin to belch too much when they have eaten food that does not agree with them.

The body responds by burping, in order to get rid of these problems or to release the excess air that is in the stomach.

There is also a medical complication that leads to excessive burping called gastroparesis, which is a condition in which the stomach muscles are weak and because of this, food stays inside the stomach for an extended period of time.

The undigested food in the stomach will cause a person to feel nauseous, which will then lead to potential vomiting and belching.

There are also certain foods that can cause excessive belching if a large amount is consumed, including chocolate and onions.

There are also fruits and vegetables that have a particular type of starch that does not get digested and then causes burping.

Some of these foods include beans, cabbage, lentils, apricots, sprouts and grains. Treatment

There are changes that a person who belches excessively needs to make to the daily routine in order to avoid this nasty habit.

They must try to eat slowly and chew the food with their mouths closed so that no extra air enters the stomach while eating.

They also need to stop drinking with the use of a straw, and to cut down on the use of chewing gum. It is also a good idea to quit smoking.

If the belching is related to a digestive condition, it is best to consult the doctor in order to receive treatment for the heartburn, acid reflux or gastritis which is causing the excessive burping.

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