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When one experiences stabbing pain behind the belly button, it should not be neglected but taken seriously because a couple of serious medical conditions which need immediate treatment are responsible for that pain.

Causes of pain behind belly button

Appendicitis is among the causes that induce pain behind the belly button. It is the inflammation of the appendix and it causes strong excruciating pain that warns the person experiencing it to seek promptly professional help. In most cases, the removal of appendix is necessary in order to prevent the spreading of the infection to the surrounding organs. Pain in cases of appendicitis is often accompanied by nausea, abdominal enlargement and loss of appetite.

Umbilical hernia is also a potential cause for the incidence of pain behind the belly button and it is usually caused by several factors like obesity, chronic coughing and excessive bowel movement straining, as well as by pregnancy and fluid retention in the abdominal area. Umbilical hernia may also be induced by persistent sneezing, heavy lifting, pregnancy and chronic lung disease.

When one feels pain behind belly button, it may be due to the presence of the peptic ulcer, which forms as a result of unhealthy eating habits, poor diet and excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. Helicobacter pillory is the bacteria which is mainly responsible for the incidence of peptic ulcer, which is manifested through the pain behind belly button, bloating, burping and bloody stools, as well as through the loss of appetite and loss of body weight.

Gallbladder disease like gallbladder stones is also among the causes for the occurrence of pain behind the belly button, which is accompanied by heartburn, abdominal fullness and fever.

Sometimes overeating can cause pain behind the belly button and it happens when one cannot restrain himself/herself from eating more foods than he/she can digest. As a consequence, pain, acidity and gas problems usually occur. When overeating is the cause for this pain, then it can be easily relieved by changing the eating habits.

Treatment for pain behind belly button

The first thing to do is to consult a doctor when the pain appears in order to diagnose the condition that is actually the underlying cause of the pain. After the examination and diagnosing, a proper treatment is prescribed. While some patient with pain behind the belly button will have to undergo a surgery, there are also those who will have to take certain medicines or just change some eating habits.

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