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Bladder Spasm

The urge for the urination is brought on by the bladder contractions. Several medications can be useful in creating these spasms, along with some remedies. We will focus on the problem caused by the retention from the bladder emptying, which is called bladder spasm. The problem is basically associated with urination that you cannot control since the urine starts to flow and there is nothing you can do about it. But, some medications can be used.


One of the causes is the urinary tract infection, which is accompanied by the pain and burning sensations felt during urination. The frequency of the urination is increased if this problem is present, along with the bad smelling and cloudy urine. Next common cause of the bladder spasm is the use of catheters since this item is used for removing the urine from the body via small tube. The weakening of the muscles in the bladder can be a result of some surgery performed in the abdominal region, which can even affect nearby nerves. Some of the procedures that can cause the problem in question are Cesarean section and hysterectomy. Intestinal cystitis and nervous system disorders can also cause bladder spasms, but this happens rarely and in such and similar cases, treating the bladder spasms depends on the cause of the problem.


Next we will focus on the treatment of the bladder spasms. There are some medications that can bring relief from this problem since they usually relax the bladder, and among the most frequently used ones are anticholinergic and antidepressants. Substances like tolterodine and oxybutynin chloride are found in the anticholinergic. The relaxing of the bladder can also be caused by the alpha-blockers.

The procedure involving electrical impulses is called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and it sends them to the bladder, thus causing the increased flow of the blood and relaxes the hormones. All of this causes the decrease of the pain experienced. The electrical impulses are also used during the procedure called electrical stimulation implant, which is an implant placed under the skin. At certain time intervals, the signal is released and the bladder receives them.

There are several treatment options coming from alternative medicine, and one of them is the biofeedback, which may be a good way for eliminating the problem, if medications are also used. This method tries to teach you how to control the bladder with your mind. Next is the acupuncture, which is based on the contraction of the muscles located in the bladder. The contraction of the bladder can be avoided if Botox injections are used. You can also do some pelvic floor exercises, and adapting your diet is a good idea.

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