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Ischemic bowel disease

Ischemic bowel disease

This is a name for a problem of blood supply restriction in the intestine portion. It can be more serious and in these cases it will require surgery or angioplasty, but it can also be mild and eliminated with painkillers and anticoagulant medication. It can be described as the bowel inflammation and the ischemic colitis. When we look at the data, every 1000 person in the hospital suffers from this problem. We will try to display some information about this problem called ischemic bowel disease


This is one of the prevailing intestine ischemia present today. The oxygen and blood supply to the intestines is impaired due to constricted arteries, but unfortunately, nobody knows what exactly causes this problem. Still, there are some indications and assumptions. Technically, ischemic bowel disease can be caused by the restricted blood supply and there are many medical problems that can cause this. Some of them are obesity, prolonged smoking, colon cancer, atherosclerosis and hypotension, but also we can add some side effects from the use of medications. When we look at the numbers, it seems that this problem is more present among older people, especially those over 50 years of age.


Some unusual bowel symptoms are present if the damage or injury of the intestines causes the ischemic bowel disease. One of the most common problems and symptoms experienced is abdominal pain, which is usually present in the early stages of the problem. The left side of the abdomen will experience more severe pain, which can also become worse when a patient consumes a larger meal. Abnormal bowel movement, black stool, bloody stool and rectal bleeding are also symptoms of ischemic bowel disease. When the problem progresses, the pain will become worse and after this, the problem may become lethal. When this happens, the organ is too damaged, which is why it is highly advised to go and visit a hospital whenever you are having unusual abdominal pain.


There are many medical problems that cause similar symptoms and this is what makes diagnosis of this problem difficult. The doctor will do a medical history, symptoms, and blood stool. If the diagnosis is positive, doctor will prescribe exercises, weight control, cessation of smoking, diet management and bowel diet. This is a common treatment for mild cases of ischemic bowel disorder. Medications for anticoagulation can be given during the early stage of this problem, although this can sometimes cause certain pain and discomfort. Angioplasty is maybe a better solution since the damaged blood vessels will be repaired with this method. When the case is too severe, a part of the bowel affected will have to be removed, which is done on the operating table. Remember that symptoms can be controlled, but the ischemic bowel disease treatment cannot give a good prognosis.

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