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Many people do not have an ideawhat a normal bowel movement is, and this could be a text for them. One of theanswers we can give you is that the proper definition is not yet known and itcannot be made, since the every man is a different story. Because of this, thereare even many types of normal bowel movement. But it it’s very important torealize and know signs of abnormal bowel movement. This is much more important,because if you do not notice signs of abnormal bowel movement, chances are youhave normal bowel movement. Remember that, if the signs do appear, visit to thedoctor is needed.

Normal bowel movement

One of the oldest and wrongbeliefs is that a person should have one movement during one day, and thismeans your bowel movement is normal. But this is not true. Some patients canhave several movements during one day, or even have a few during whole week.There is no general rule for this. However, be careful if you have less thenthree movements during one week. This may suggest constipation, while diarrheacan be recognized by three stools during the day, which are watery. When wetalk about the color and shape, the normal stool looks a lot like peanutbutter. It is golden brown or brown. Although the passing should not be aproblem, some people can have problems with hard stool, but generally the stoolshould be soft and it should pass easily.


People haveconstipation very frequently. This is one of themost accounted problems at the doctor's office in America. If you arehaving painful, hard, lumpy, and discomforting and fry stool, you probably haveconstipation. This problem can occur because of lack of dietary fiber andexercises, and because of chronic dehydration. It is important to take a lot offluid in order to avoid constipation, and to include fiber in your diet, aswell as at least 30 minutes of workout.


Diarrhea is another possibleproblem. We have mentioned what problems are caused by diarrhea. But the causesfor diarrhea can also be medication's side effects, infection and problemscaused by food. Problem is usually gone after 2 days, but sometimesit may remain for more than three days. If this happens, problems like acutepain, fever and dehydration are experienced while the stool is tarry, bloodyand black. Visit to the doctor is needed in these cases.

Some possible changes in thebowel movement, considered abnormal, are possible. Those are change in shape,frequency, consistency and color. If a person has bloody stool, visit to thedoctor is needed. Range of problems may cause bloody stool. Black stool cansuggest inner bleeding or is just an effect of some food. Red stool will alwayshave to be checked by a professional, since it can suggest benign or veryserious conditions. Pale stool suggests nutrition lacking bile salt, whilegreen suggests use of iron supplements and artificially colored food.

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