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One of the herbal teas that have gained great popularity today is the bitter melon tea. Use of this tea has been associated with many beneficial effects on the human body and in the following article; we will see which benefits there are. In English language, we say bitter melon but the original name is momordica charantia and this is a climbing vine, which is used for bearing the green fruit. Another name that is also used is bitter gourd and it can be found in Asia and Middle East, along with South America. For the preparation of this tea, fruit and leaves of this vine are used. There are many benefits associated with this tea but we will see first how you can prepare this tea.


The leaves for the tea have to be dry and this will need several days or a week to accomplish. Then you need to place them in an airtight container. The fruit can be used dehydrated or fresh. As for the recipe, the first thing to do is to chop washed leaves so that you have six tablespoons of it. Then put them in two glasses of water and boil this water for 15 minutes. After this period, the pot needs to be put away and tea left to strain, and after this, you can drink it. It should be consumed 3 times during the day. If you are using fresh fruits for the tea, remember to wash them first.


People with diabetes should drink this tea because it increases the sensitivity of insulin and elevates the level of blood sugar. Also, those with constipation, dyspepsia, sluggish digestion should drink it as well, since it stimulates digestion. But do not use this tea if you are having ulcer or heartburn problem, because it can make the problem worse. Some say that it can treat AIDS/HIV and malaria. Another unverified statement is that it can improve the function of cells among those with cancer. The use of bitter melon tea will enable the uptake of glucose and it will give metabolism the fuel it needs. This tea is very nutritional and it contains vitamin B, phosphorus, calcium, iron and other minerals and vitamins. But some items in this tea has cannot be absorbed by human body. Making hemorrhoids smaller is one of the benefits associated with bitter melon tea and it can also prevent fever, lessen cough or even prevent it completely. If you are having ringworm, you can use this tea or extract of bitter melon. Some say that sterility can even be treated with the help from bitter melon tea and also treat infected wound due to the antimicrobial properties it has. The bitter melon tea is relatively new product and it hasn't been used enough to be fully studied. So all of these benefits haven't been proved scientifically and there may be possible side effects that haven't been discovered yet.

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