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Lung cancer that is in biology known as Bronchogenic Carcinoma has a reputation of one of the cancers that is spreading increasingly fast. Nowadays, the number of newly diseased from lung cancer has increased among women because they are the ones who smoke more than men, and is threatening to overcome the number of diseased from breast cancer. We can distinguish two types of lung cancer and those are primary lung cancer and secondary lung cancer. Then, each of them is branched into smaller groups that present other forms of lung cancer.

Primary lung cancer

Primary lung cancer has three other types of lung cancer: small carcinoma, non-small carcinoma and adenocarcinoma lung cancers. The other name for small lung cancer is Oat Cell lung cancer and the reason for that name is related to a unique shape of cells that are in that cancer. Non-small lung cancer has again the other sub-categories and they are adenocarcinoma that evolves from phlegm, large cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Sometimes, even oncologists can find it difficult to say which one of the above cancers a patient has, but it doesn’t matter very much because, all of these large cell cancers are treated in the same way. Mesothelioma is one of the not so frequent lung cancers and it attacks pleura, which is a gentle covering that is settled around our lungs. In most cases, it is caused by and exposure to asbestos.

Secondary lung cancer

Secondary lung cancer (Metastatic cancer) is a cancer type that can begin developing and growing at some other place in your body and then move or spread to lungs. The treatment for this type of cancer differs and depends upon the place where it has started, because, if it has started in the breast, for example, then the treatment will be similar to the breast cancer treatment.

We all take breathing for granted and we don’t know that there are so many things that can endanger our health. We have to take care of our body and lead a healthy life. There are some supplements that can protect us from lung cancer and those are: multivitamins, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, cordycepps and reishi mushrooms, vitamins B and D, Aspirin, mullein and Zhu ling. B6 vitamins can help you in protection against lung cancer providing your immune system with necessary strength. Zhu ling is a mushroom that has also been used to stimulate your immune system to fight against cancer. All of these supplements can help you to protect your body from developing this serious disease.

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