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Thisspecific type of therapy is also known under the name of biotherapy,immunotherapy and also biological response modifier therapy. Itrepresents a fairly new approach to cancer treatment, together withthe already familiar ones such as surgery, chemotherapy and last butnot the least, radiation therapy. Interms of the aims and purpose of biotherapy, it is important to emphasize that it makes use of our body's immune system in bothdirect and indirect manner for the purpose of battling cancer itselfand for the purpose of relieving any side effects that tend to occurdue to undesired cancer side effects, as well as those that areinduced by other therapies such as those mentioned above.

Forthose people who are not that familiar with the role, functioning andconstituents of the immune system, important to know is that theimmune system represents a quite complex network, comprised of anumber of cells and organs that cooperate all the time with the goalof protecting our body from attacks by foreign and ill manneredintruders. Given its nature and the number of vital constituents itencompasses, the immune system is regarded as one of the mostimportant and essential defense systems that provide an impenetrablewall against any harmful intruders.

Havingimmune system cells in mind, a vital thing is to be familiar withfacts such as the following:

Lymphocytes – a variety of white blood cells, which include B cells, T cells and natural killer cellsPhagocytes – also a variety of blood cells which are known to be able to swallow, as well as digest those microscopic organisms and particles in the course of a process familiar as phagocytosis. Also worth knowing is that there exist different varieties of phagocytes, such as monocytes (known to circulate in the blood) and macrophages (situated in body tissues)


Aknown fact is that specific antibodies, cytokines and various otherimmune system substances are manufactured in laboratories andspecifically used for the purpose of cancer treatment. Substancesproduced in such a manner are also known as the biological responsemodifiers whose purpose is to change the interaction that takesplace between the body's immune defenses and cancer cells in order toboost, direct and restore body's ability to battle off diseases withutmost success.

Biotherapiesare deemed extremely effective in the following cases:

for stopping, controlling and suppression of processes that allow the growth of cancer itselfwhen it is necessary to facilitate distinguishing of the cancer cells so the immune system could recognize them more quickly and thus destroy them immediatelyfor enhancing the killing potentials of immune system cellsfor changing the growth patterns of cancer cells

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