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The perfect timing

From a medical point of view, the bestperiod of a woman's life to conceive and give birth to a baby is onceshe reaches her twenties. The reason for this is that in the courseof this period, chances of her experiencing any undesired issues, aswell as those related to infertility, are at a minimum. Furthermore,a number of research studies implies that the most suitable time to getpregnant is the age of twenty four. After this age, females begin to experience a gradual productivity downfall. Namely, once the womanbegins to approach her late twenties and early thirties, the chancesof a normal and unobstructed pregnancy, which would last the entireterm, diminish significantly. Despite the fact that there is a numberof cases of women who have given birth even in their forties, thefact still remains that the risk of miscarriage increases more if thewoman waits, and closer she gets to her 30-years-of-age mark.

Aside from a number of reasons which are medical in nature, there are quite a lot of other factors that askimmediate attention and urge prior planning by the couplesthemselves. Those most prominent factors to alwayskeep in mind and attempt to always be on the close lookout for arethe following:

Health – it certainly represents the number one factor to be taken into consideration once a couple, or a woman, comes to a decision to have a child. This means that only under the circumstances that will prove not to be life threatening for the mother, she should venture into conceiving, let alone carrying the entire pregnancy out.Emotional maturity – is yet another vital factor that can influence the final decision to an enormous extent. What this is directly related to is the psychological condition of the parents in the sense that they should come to terms, prior to conceiving, with the fact that once their bundle of joy comes to this world, he/she is to become their most important and number one daily responsibility and preoccupation.Financial backup – not the number one factor, but certainly the one that will affect both the decision making and the way in which things are going to develop after the birth of a child. Having quite good financial backup is regarded as quite essential today, with all the medical and childcare costs that have to be “endured” by the parents.

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