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Imagine you were in a situation where you had to deliver a baby. Would you know what to do? Giving birth is a natural process of Mother Nature but it can be daunting even for the bravest of the women. If you are a partner of a soon to deliver pregnant woman then it is certainly better to be safe than sorry just in case the baby decides it does not want to wait until it arrives at hospital to make an appearance.

How to Deliver a Baby at Home- Stage 1

If you are planning on delivering the baby at home, it is of course normal to feel panicky, as will the person who is delivering the baby for you. If you are the chosen one who will be helping in the birthing process you need to remember to make the mother to be comfortable in a position that suits her. This may mean using some blankets and pillows to help cushion her. You will need to help her to calm down, especially when she starts to panic in the hard labor. You can assist her to sit in a squatting position to aid in the delivery, this helps because it will shorten her birth canal. How to Deliver a Baby at Home- Stage 2

Keep an eye on the contractions, if they are happening regularly you can tell her to push and to remember to breathe. This process will encourage the baby’s head to be seen at which point try to allow the baby to take his/her time to come out. It is important that you do not pull the baby out. At this stage the mother can push harder whilst you gentle cup your hands under the baby’s head to give him/her some support whilst the mother delivers the rest of the baby’s body. Once the baby is out you will need to hold the baby’s head slightly at a downward angle to drain the fluid from his/her mouth and the nose, you will probably need to use a bulb syringe to do this. In some cases the umbilical cord is around the baby’s neck so you will need to try to gentle remove the cord and lay the baby on the mother for warmth and wait for the doctor to arrive to cut the cord.

Tips on How to Deliver a Baby

When the mother to be starts experiencing the contractions, you can help her to shift her weight over to a lying down position, so this will offer her less labor pains. Always make her as comfortable as possible. Remember to wash your hands prior to helping as you do not want the baby to catch any form of an infection. If you have time get some clean sheets to put on the floor so the baby does not touch a dirty floor.

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