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It has been confirmed that different activities can preventthe progression of dementia in Alzheimer’s patients. Certain activities aresuitable for people suffering from dementia. There is one rule, however, andthat is not to degrade these people to do some children’s activities. Try tofind something that is fairly easy but also appropriate for adults and keep thefun part of it.

Elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease have been provento enjoy games, puzzles, some reading, photo activities and reminiscing withmemory books. All activities that included some kind of humor were also verywell accepted among these patients.


Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease have been foundto enjoy doing some crosswords and word searches. However, keep in mind thatthese shouldn’t be hard to solve and that letter should be fairly large, inorder to read them easily.

Dominoes, card games or any other game they used to enjoywhen they were young is also a great activity. Sometimes, can bevery helpful, or try to remember what they liked before. It could be Candyland,Pollyanna, “Old Maid” or “Go Fish”.

Jigsaw puzzles are also a great choice. Find some with animalpictures or some scenery, rather than some images for children. Always rememberto buy jigsaws with large and not too many pieces, because otherwise it mightprove to be too much for the patient (or a relative). Also, the best way toenjoy the puzzles is on the table – remember that these are old people and theycan’t easily sit on the floor.


Some elderly people like if you read to them or just looktrough different books or magazines with them. Old numbers of Life or Lookmagazines, Reminisce Magazine or some picture books may be just what they likeand enjoy. People working in retirement homes and with dementia patientsrecommend also collections of short stories, or Dr. Seuss’ book - You’re OnlyOld Once: A Book for Obsolete Children. For religious people, Bible or Biblestories can also be the activity of their choice.

There are also some memory books available at the market. Usually,these books are made for the grandchildren, and there might be some songs the grandparentremembers, some pictures, stories or anything else.


Rummaging through some old family photographs might be very enjoyablefor Alzheimer’s patients. Sort photographs by date, type or topic with them, orlabel every person on the photographs. Make some photo collage or a scrapbookand write down what they remember about these photographs.


Even suffering from dementia, elderly love good humor. Sometimesit could be an old comedy show, such as “Love Lucy” or “Who’s on first”, humorscrapbook or just good old laughing about many accidents that happened in thefamily over the years.

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