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Information on L-Arginine

L-Arginine is one of the most important protein amino acids and it actually can be found in the all different kinds of life forms on the earth. The human body requires this essential amino acid so that it can function and heal properly. It is essential in the stimulation of the growth hormone production, so that makes it very important for young children.

In normal conditions the human body produces enough l-arginine for all the normal functions but there are certain medical conditions which may require additional amounts of l-arginine in order to heal the body in a proper way. Certain types of food are very rich in l-arginine and the list includes poultry, chocolate, pork, soy beans, dairy products, chickpeas, seafood and nuts among many others.

L-arginine supplements may also be used and they are usually made from animal or plant proteins. A team of researchers isolated l-arginine in 1886 for the first time ever. Numerous other studies have shown its importance throughout the years.

Benefits of L-Arginine

L-arginine is essential when it comes to the stimulation of growth hormone production and it is necessary for infants to grow into adults. It is also important in the process of healing of certain medical conditions such as sepsis, trauma and burns.

It also comes in very handy when it comes to the treatment of cardiovascular disease, reduction of blood pressure and lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. L-arginine is also very good for those who suffer from fertility problems and impotence. It is also very efficient in boosting the immune system and speeding up the healing processes associated with injuries, wounds and burns.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take l-arginine because of its stimulation of the growth hormone. Those who suffer from herpes should also steer clear of l-arginine because it may worsen the infection. The same can be said for those who suffer from liver and kidney disease and those who suffer from impotence, high blood pressure and migraines.

Additional Information on L-Arginine

Those who suffer from l-arginine deficiency usually experience certain symptoms such as poor wound healing, constipation, skin rashes, hair loss and fatty liver. These medical conditions require immediate medical attention.

It may be important to add that most vitamins do not contain l-arginine at all. L-arginine provides adults with numerous different medical benefits and should be a vital part of everyone’s daily diet.

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