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Information on Garlic

Garlic has been used for numerous centuries as a veryimportant food item and as a medicine as well. Regular consumption of garlicprotects the human body from various different types of ailments and healthconditions. The last few decades saw theextended use of antibiotics which lead to garlic being largely ignored when itcame to the treatment of numerous medical conditions. Nowadays, the interest ingarlic and its medicinal properties has escalated once again, which is perhapsbest reflected through a large number of scientific studies.

Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is very efficient in lowering the high bloodpressure. It does that by dilating the blood vessel walls and increasing thediameter of the arteries. It actually stops the blood cells from stickingtogether. Numerous scientific studies have shown that garlic can be of greathelp when it comes to decreasing the blood pressure, increasing the diameter ofthe arteries and reducing the volume of plaque. Garlic also improves the bloodflow. All these benefits actually contribute to a significant risk reductionfor strokes and heart attacks. Garlic may also come in very handy when it comesto reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Besides this beneficialfeature, garlic is also very efficient in increasing the levels of goodcholesterol in the blood. These benefits are mostly due to the certain sulfurcompounds which are commonly contained in garlic. Garlic may also be ingestedin the supplemental form.

Garlic is very efficient in lowering the blood platelets inthe human body. Platelets are cells contained in the blood which repair thelesions on the damaged arteries. Platelets may be beneficial but they are alsoharmful because they are very active in the formation of a thrombus, along withproteins. Such formation may lead to obstructed blood flow in the bloodvessels. Garlic is also very efficient when it comes to reduction of the plaquein the arteries which get formed once the arteries become damaged. Plaqueconsists of fat deposits and various types of debris. It may lead to completeblockage of the blood flow. Garlic is also known for its potent antioxidantsproperties, which means that it comes very handy when it comes to fighting offthe free radicals and reducing the amount and severity of damage they cause onthe cellular level within the human body. It is always the best idea to consumegarlic in its raw and fresh form. The cloves need to be peeled, cut into piecesand crushed in a mortar.

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