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A kidney bean is an herbaceous plant grown virtuallyeverywhere around the world and it is one of the most important parts of NativeAmerican agriculture and cuisine. Kidney beans belong in the family of fabaceaeand their botanical name is phaseolus vulgaris. Kidney beans originate fromPeru and they have been introduced in the America in the fifteenth century.Later on it was introduced to Europe, Africa and Asia. Kidney beans areusually produced in canned or dried form. They are very beneficial for generalhealth since they efficiently prevent various illnesses and ailments,especially those associated with the digestive and cardiovascular system.

Health benefits

Kidney beans are abundant in protein and they are verybeneficial for overall health since they provide all of the eight differenttypes of essential amino acids. The amino acids are beneficial in preventingand fighting against numerous illnesses and maintaining a healthy and normalimmune system. Kidney beans are rich in anthocyanins which have very potent antioxidantproperties. Beans that have a darker skin color contain these antioxidants inhigher amounts than those who have a lighter skin color. Kidney beans regulatethe absorption of blood glucose from the body slows down the carbohydratesmetabolism, regulate the levels of sugar in the blood and prevent the sugarfrom sudden elevation that sometimes occurs after meals. That makes kidneybeans an essential part of diet for all people who suffer from diabetes. Kidneybeans are rich in dietary fiber which makes them very efficient in lowering thelevels of bad cholesterol in the blood and reducing the risk of high bloodpressure stroke and coronary heart disease.

Kidney beans are also very beneficial in reducing the riskof numerous degenerative, inflammatory and cardiovascular illnesses andmaintaining optimal health. Beans are rich in iron and molybdenum which makesthem really helpful in detoxification and the cellular respiration. Kidneybeans are a remarkable source of copper and that is why they help with thereduction of arthritis and maintain proper elastic properties of joints,ligaments and blood vessels. By being very rich in magnesium, kidney beans cancome in very handy in relieving fatigue. Folic acid from the kidney beansprevents numerous serious conditions that may occur.


Kidney beans are rich in purines and phytohemagglutinin sothey should be avoided by people who suffer from kidney stones or gout.

Cooking Tips

Kidney beans should be checked for damage or any smallstones and then strained under running water. Prior to the cooking the beanscan be pre-soaked.

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