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Zinc Deficiency among Children

The developing world is filled with cases of zinc deficiency among children. This will be the topic of this text. We will see what problems are caused by this condition. The maintenance and growth of the human body crucially depend on the minerals, which needs to be present in sufficient amounts. There are many body functions that depend on potassium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorous, iron and calcium, but one of the most important minerals on which body depends is zinc. Body needs this mineral in sufficient amounts and if they are not present, many problems are possible. The most common complications of the zinc deficiency among children are infectious disease.

Signs and Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency

The most common sign and symptoms associated with the zinc deficiency among children are loss of weight, appetite loss, rough skin, sleeping problems, loss of taste, loss of smell, white spots located under the fingernails, fatigue, impaired growth rate, diarrhea, delayed wound healing and loss of hair. There are many development and growth problems that can be caused by the zinc deficiency. The foods that contain zinc are potatoes, peanuts, yeast, legumes, cereals, grains, seafood, turkey, lamb, chicken and milk. Know that a child from 9 - 10 years of age should have 8 mg of zinc every day, while adults and adolescents need 11 mg during the day. As we have stated several times, the development of the child crucially depends on the zinc. Stunned growth and dwarfism are possibilities that can occur if a child is not getting the amount of zinc it needs. The child with zinc deficiency can look underweight for his age, but shortening and thickening of the bones can happen if there is zinc deficiency as well. The wound will heal much slower if there is a shortage of the mineral in question. Eczema and other skin problems can be caused by the zinc deficiency. This happens due to the fact this mineral is needed by the oil glands. If they do not have the needed amount of zinc, dry, rough and allergy prone skin will bepresent. Zinc affects the brain also, especially the part responsible for emotions. Mental development can be impaired by the zinc deficiency. The most common problems are dyslexia, retardation and other brain disorders. Obsession and alcoholism are addictive behaviors that can be affected by zinc deficiency. Also, epilepsy is a possibility as well. Even criminal behavior is associated with the deficiency of this mineral. We hope to have given you enough reason why a child needs to get the needed quantity of zinc. Be sure your child gets it and many problems may be avoided, while the child will develop as it is supposed to.

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