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Ability for calling for help is something that is mostly unavailable in emergency situations. Being a senior citizen will make the situation even more serious because statistics say that people over the 65 die mostly of injuries gained due to a fall. When a person from this age group falls, gets injured, and becomes immobile, there is a chance that no one is around to help them. This could be a great problem that can be avoided with the use of a medical alert system.

Medical Alert Systems

This system consists of a console and a medical alert accessory. The form of the accessory is usually jewelry, like a necklace or a bracelet. There is a button that you press, when the medical emergency arises and the console makes the call to the service center. Older people will benefit from this system the most, because, in cases of emergency, they are able to call service center who will respond accordingly by sending medical help, or by notifying the patient's family.

Buying The Medical Alert System

There are several things that you need to keep in mind when buying such a product. The fact that the service center is outsourced or the supplier has its own service center will determine the costs. There are charges for the installation and then there are the monthly charges for the provided service. It is a good idea to see if the expenses associated with the medical alert system are covered by your medical insurance, although this is usually not the case. Some companies are very sure in their product so they offer a trial period and if you are not satisfied, you can return the device. Prior to selecting a company of this sort, you should investigate their performance by checking their references and previous customer experiences.

The best service will be provided by the company which has its own service center, but this may increase the costs. See if a special training is given to the operations staff in order to cope with the emergencies. One of the most important factors that determine which device to buy is to see if weekly automated service facility or periodic servicing is available. The company sends a signal every week to the device in order to check if it is working properly and this is automated service. If the center has UL or underwriters laboratory mark, this means that the center fulfills the highest standards. Be careful and patient when buying such product, because it may pose a difference between life and death.

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