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Spasm is an involuntary and sudden contraction of a muscle of your back, often after repetitive strain or serious injury. That means that muscles contracts to prevent the area from further irritation or injury. This spasm can be very uncomfortable and painful. Doctors can help you in the way that they can try medicaments or pain relievers (like Ibuprofen) to relax you muscles, or massage and ultrasound therapy, but it can only helps with consequences of your problem. In extreme cases, surgery is needed, but it can have undesirable side effect, sometimes.

But there are a lot of things you can do yourself to prevent or ease your back spasm problems, among others;

If you have problems with your hip, due to unequal length of your legs, you should try heel lift. Consult with your doctor about it first. You should avoid shoes with high heels in any case.

Massage and chiropractic therapy can be helpful. Using both massage and chiropractic therapist, you can achieve very good results. This kind of therapies can be very beneficial to patients. There are various kinds of these therapies, and both experts should help you to choose a combination that is best suited for your needs.

Along with that, you should try some of mechanical massage devices. Choose ones that can penetrate deeply into affected areas. Vibrations from these devices also stimulate blood flow, thus helping with affected areas.

Physical therapy uses various remedies, like electric simulations, massage, thermal therapy and ultrasound. This kind of therapy strengthens the muscles, and helps to stabilize weakened areas.

Acupuncture can also help you. It stimulates energy point on your body, thus helping to diminish inflammation and pain of affected areas.

In your home, you should take some steps to help yourself. Right choice of chairs and seat positions, along with good choice of mattress, can stiffen and protect your back, and keep it in proper position.

There are also certain types of food that you can use in your daily diet as remedies for your case of back problems. Your diet should consist of well balanced mixture of minerals, vitamins and herb supplements like cooper, vitamins C and E, hops, zinc, calcium, glucosamine sulphate etc. The latter are most efficient one.

Good remedy for your condition may be ice and hot packs. Hot packs increases blood flow through affected areas, and loosens the muscles, while ice packs can be used right after injury has happen, to ease pain and discomfort, quickly.

Jacuzzi and whirlpool water therapies are also, very good ways to relay your back muscels, and ease tension and pain in the back.

Ultrasound, traction and electric stimulation devices are also very efficient way to overcome your problems. Ultrasound helps with tissue healing and electric simulation devices uses electricity to reach pain spots and relaxes them. Traction devices can be potentially dangerous, and you should only use them with proper medical supervision.

In rare and extreme cases, soft back braces are recommended. They are used in cases of back instability, in order to help you to strengthen your back, heal more quickly and avoid further injuries.

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