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In the following text, we will discuss on the muscle spasms. They are the basically the muscle contractions which are not voluntary, and are just a simple cramp. They are generally very short; they come very suddenly and can be very painful sometimes. We have to make difference between the muscle twitch and muscle spasm. The small movement of the part of the muscle visible beneath the skin is called a muscle twitch. These muscles are very important for our body. They are responsible for the movement of our entire body. Three kinds of muscles are present in our body. The ones responsible for the moving the external body parts are of one type. Second type refers to heart muscles which perform the function of blood supplier of the heart. The last kind of muscle type is the smooth muscles, which are responsible for the movements inside the body. The muscles are connected to the bone. This is usually done directly, or by a tendon. When we move our legs or arms, this construction moves. In these muscles, we can find myoglobin and some small amount of the protein.


Places like arteries, eyes and intestines have smooth muscles. They are circular and when they move, the structure moves as well. Muscles are controlled by the brain, and these muscles are controlled by the involuntary part of the brain. Just like any other condition, reducing the chances of spasms manifestation is a key. By this we can eliminate the possibility of having this kind of problems. Drinking a lot of fluid is important, since dehydration is making spasms easier to develop. But if the spasm happens, try to extend the affected muscle and try to break the circle of the spasm. The reason for the creation of the spasm determines the treatment which will be used. If you are having problems with smooth muscle spasm, medications like diazepam, reserpine, levodopa, Botox (which is injected in the affected muscle, thus eliminating the muscle's movement), and carbamazepine may help. In the end, we have to say that treatment mainly depends on the muscle affected and the reason for spasm creation. There are numerous variables which create numerous treatment methods. In some cases, spasm can occur frequently and may be very persistent. If this happens, medical attention should be sought. Dystonias is the kind of this problem, which is based on a chemical abnormality. Neurotransmitter level needs to be balance in this case. This can be done with Botox.

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