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A spasm is a painful and involuntary contraction of muscle fibers, the entire muscles or a group of muscles. It may result from the injury or is associated with some neurological illnesses. There are several more causes of muscle spasms. It is essential to identify the actual cause of muscle spasms and treat it. Only this way the patients can get back to normal and continue doing their everyday activities without having to face pain and unpleasant sensation associated with muscle spasms.

Causes of Back Spasms

In majority of cases back muscle spasm occurs as the consequence of injury. There may be a single traumatic incident to the particular muscle or the spasm develops as the consequence of repeated injury which is the case pf overuse (chronic muscular exertion). This particularly affects athletes such as baseball and cricket players, tennis players, golf or squash players. Even more aggressive sports such as football, basketball, weightlifting etc may cause straining of the back muscles and induce back spasm.

People who are not professionally engaged in sports but do exercise can damage back muscles particularly if they perform exercises vigorously and without previous warm-up. Even if warm-up is properly conveyed one may exaggerate with exercises and this may eventually lead to back muscle spasms.

In some cases back spasm is associated with wrong posture. In this case the problem occurs due to inappropriate position of the body while performing certain activities such as lifting heavy objects and performing some household activities.

Back spasms may also affect people who are suffering from certain nutritional deficiencies such as mineral deficiencies (calcium and potassium) or vitamin deficiencies.

And finally, apart from the previously mentioned back spasm may be associated with serious nervous system conditions. In such case the diagnosis must be set as soon as possible. The treatment depends on the underlying condition.

Back Muscle Spasm Relief

Depending on the cause of back spasm a patient may be advised to have plenty of rest or to avoid prolonged bed rest. The pain associated with back spasm is well controlled with pain killers and muscle relaxants. Once the pain and unpleasant sensation are brought under control one may engage in a light physical activity. A consultation with a well experienced physical therapist will help the patient and inform him/ her about what exercises may be beneficial for during rehabilitation. Return to physical activity and sports must be gradual and careful. In some people additional help is achieved with supportive back brace. This aid can be used while performing heavy work.

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