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There will be many people in your life that will be jumping at the chance to offer you their advice on how to raise your child. This can be highly frustrating for a new mother especially when different family member’s advice conflicts with one and another. This does not mean that one of them is necessarily wrong, it’s just that everyone does things slightly differently and each child will react and pick up on tasks at different rates.

The Right Age to Start Potty Training Your Child

There are plenty of goals to achieve throughout your child’s toddler years and the milestones to accomplish are endless. One of the major ones is the potty training and this milestone and goal line is completely different with each child. The trick for the parents is to be consistent, steady and of course patient. Eventually, your child will learn this new custom, however, do not expect it to occur over the course of one night. The right time will totally depend on your child, whether they are psychologically ready and whether or not they are physically ready. This time can be at the age of one and a half years, however, often it’s closer to the two year mark and some will not be ready for a further six months or more after that.

The Right Signs to Start Potty Training Your Child

As you have realized from the paragraph prior, there is no exact age for starting the potty training process with your child. There are some signs to watch for that they may be ready such as being able to grasp what you are trying to say and as well as that your child should be at the point where they obey what you say. To be ready for potty training they need to be able to pull up and down their own pants and not to be comfortable sitting/lying in their own urine or stool. At the point of potty training your child should be able to ask some simple questions and they should also be able to make some sort of a sign, face expressions or word when they need to use the toilet. For you to start potty training your child they need to be at the stage where they can last for more than two hours before needing the toilet and preferably have conventional bowel movements coupled with control over their bladder at night.

Potty Training Tips

Always be ready to react quickly and it helps to have a potty that’s inviting and pretty looking. Always reward your child for going to the toilet.

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