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For all those who,out of some reason, never ventured to investigate a bit more when it comes tothis acronym, the CAT or CT stands for Computed Axial Tomography/ComputedTomography. When it comes to its use, it is important to point out that this isa noninvasive and painless medical procedure that enables physicians tosuccessfully diagnose specific conditions and based on this, treat them moreefficiently. The main advantage of this type of scan is that it enables apretty fast creation of complete and in depth images of the person’s body. Inturn, this contributes to a better and easier recognition of such ailmentsas cancer, various infectious and cardiovascular diseases, specific traumas andmusculoskeletal disorders. Given its effectiveness and unobtrusive nature, thescan in question is performed on a fairly regular basis, amounting to as muchas about 52 million scans on the yearly basis. This, of course, puts it in thecategory of those quite frequently employed test methods in medicine of today.


Given the fact thatquite a lot of medical institutions use this particular variety of scans, it isnot so peculiar that the expenses vary to a certain degree. Since a person isgiven a freedom of choice, it is always smart and home-budget beneficial to doa bit of investigating into the price range of each medical institution. The pricefor the procedure in question can vary, starting from 270 dollars, and all theway up to 4,800 dollars.

An important factthat needs to be mentioned in reference to the pricing is that the overallexpenses depend on two things, i.e. on technical fee and on professional fee. Theformer refers to the cost of the CAT procedure as such – and here there is aroom to cut down on unwanted expenses. As for the latter, it refers to theexpenses of a radiologist interpretation of the previously acquired finalresults.

Grounds for thedifference in prices

The maindifferentiating factor is that of area of the person’s body that is beingscanned. In addition, the expenses also depend to a great extent on the locationwhere the procedure is conducted. In order to make things a little lessdifficult, in continuation is a list of the bigger cities that are famous forCAT scan procedures:

Houston (TX) – $3,016

Chicago (IL) – $2,237

Atlanta (GA) – testing facility A: $698 / testing facility B: $2,214

Phoenix (AZ) – $2,199

Omaha (NE) – $1,611

Portland (OR) – testing facility A: $1,520 / testing facility B $678

Cleveland (OH) – $1,075

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