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Asthma and the main characteristics

Asthma is a condition that is characterized mostly by swollenairways, which makes the breathing difficult due to the increased production ofmucus. This condition may vary in severity, which is why some people experienceit only as a minor nuisance, while others have serious problems, of which somemay even be life threatening. One of such problems is asthma attack and it canreally be a frightening experience, particularly for people who experience itfor the first time. The symptoms that indicate an asthma attack includecoughing that won’t stop, rapid breathing, pain or pressure in the chest, paleface, blue lips or fingernails. The person in question is very likely toexperience anxiety or panic, especially because the neck and chest muscles beginto tighten. It is important to recognize the symptoms in time, in order to reactaccordingly. Otherwise, asthma attacks may even have fatal consequences,because the levels of oxygen in the blood keep dropping.

How to treat asthma attack?

It is very important to know how to react and what to do incase asthma attack occurs, and this does not apply only to those who sufferfrom asthma, but for their friends, or relatives as well. Here will bementioned a few things that may help the person who experiences an asthmaattack.

Breathing is almost always easier when sitting up and notwhile lying down, which is why lying position should be avoided at all costs. The majority of patients knows what to do, and if they cantalk, it is important to ask either what to do or if medical help is needed. The fact is that some people may need help with using theinhaler at that moment, which is why it is important to find it (the personprobably carries it with himself/herself, since it is of crucial importance), andmake the person in question take 2-4 puffs as soon as possible. A short pausebetween the puffs should be made. After using the medication, the person in question shouldnot be left alone until the signs of improvement become obvious.

If the person does not feel better even ten minutes afterusing the medication, it is recommended to call an ambulance. Until theambulance arrives, every five minutes, the person should continue breathing in 2-4puffs, because it might prevent the condition from getting even worse even when it seems that it does not help. And what is most important is to stay calm and not panic.

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