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Asthma Attack

If children are having asthma attack and preventive medicines is not useful any more, “rescue medication” are recommended to relax the muscles around the lungs, in order to pass air and let lungs to freely breathe. The medications used in such cases are bronchodilators, packed in an inhaler bottles. Inhalers are very handy small bottles easily used to pump necessary medications into lungs through mouth. But with children, it is difficult to limit frequency of using, so consulting with doctor about it, is very important. Bronchodilators are very effective medication to stop attacks and work very quickly. If there are other medications involved that your children are taking please consult doctor so he can prescribe right bronchodilator that can be mixed with current other drugs. There are side effects of inhaler using: shaking, restlessness, fast heartbeat, vomiting, stomach pain etc. If there any of it happening it is necessary to consult doctor.

Instructions for Inhaler Using for Children:

-Shake the inhaler before using.-The inhaler should be placed upside down, so that bottom goes up and push medicine down.-The thumb should be placed below the mouthpiece and fingers on top of the bottle.-Take a deep breath and let it out.-While the bottle is in the mouth push down the pump.-While medicine from the bottle sprays out, breathe in as much as possible.-Hold the breath for a few seconds and then breathe out slowly.-Wait a minute before using the inhaler again. -Rinsing the mouthpiece of inhaler with water after use.

There are different types of inhalers, such as nebulizer. A nebulizer treats asthma attacks on a similar way as an inhaler. It is a machine and works on a different way. A nebulizer sprays a misty medication into lungs. Nebulizers are suitable for very small children or if the attack are severe enough and child has no strength or time to use the inhaler. Nebulizer comes with face mask that comes over nose and mouth, and are the best solution for very young children. Children should learn how to breathe through mouth and practice to slip medicine deeper into lungs. The medicine that comes in the inhaler bottle is ONLY for inhaling. If the inhaling do not calms the child down in 5 minutes contact the doctor right away. And try to keep your cool and do not upset him in any way. If the child hospitalized them doctors are passing on to nebulizer, if that doesn’t work they may give him an I.V., or intravenous fluids into the blood and also treat him with steroids to lessen the swelling.

Severe Asthma Attacks

There is a way to prevent asthma attacks with medications by administering the rescue medications during the attack. But if the attacks are too strong going to doctor is must. But there are signs that indicate severe attack:

1) Speaking between breaths is not easy.2 )The pulse speeds up, over 100 beats per minute.3) Standing up and leaning forward during the attack make shoulders arched 4) Nostrils are flared.5) Lips are turning blue or gray. 6) Chest is over-inflated.7) Use peak flow meter to read if the peak flow rate is less than half.

Using Inhaler

Inhaler goes everywhere with child. It is his or her necessary equipment. The equipment includes preventive medication and “rescue medicines”, extra emergency medication, pharmacy bottles and list of all medicines, doctor\'s name and contact, just in case if the child is not with parents. Equipment necessary include inhaler with bronchodilator medicine inside, nebulizer and medication and peak flow meter with chart.

The child should avoid any dust.

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