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Pregnancy is truly a wonderful period in a woman’s life. There is no doubt about it. Not many things can compare to knowing that there is a brand new life growing inside and waiting for the right moment to come out and bring joy.

Every women who has a child will testify that, no matter how wonderful pregnancy can be, it can also be difficult and frustrating. Sleepless nights, swollen feet, bloating and flatulence, morning sickness and constant urge to urinate are just some of the symptoms that occur during this period. So, when the nine months are over and there is still no sign of labor, mother can get a bit nervous and anxious. In some cases, doctors recommend inducing labor with medications, but this carries certain risks. It is always better to do things naturally, and aromatherapy is one of the best natural ways to induce labor, especially if using clary sage oil.

Clary sage oil

Aromatherapy has gained much popularity over the last decades because it is an efficient an natural way to cure many problems and ailments, for example migraine, nausea, PMS, menstrual problems, anxiety, depression, and many more.

Clary sage oil is one of the natural essential oils used in aromatherapy for several purposes, and one of them is to induce labor. It acts as a muscle relaxant and it also reduces pain during labor. Clary sage oil is also safe for use in pregnant women.

It is very important not to confuse clary sage oil with sage oil. Sage oil is not suitable for pregnant women because it may cause miscarriage.

How to use clary sage oil to induce labor

One way to use clary sage oil for purpose of labor induction is to soak a few cotton balls in this oil and to put them under the expecting mother’s pillow. The fragrance will gently flow from under the pillow and have multiple beneficial effects. It will reduce muscle tension, calm the nerves and also increase contractions of the uterus, which is essential for the labor.

The other way to use this oil is to gently massage it on the belly. The effect is the same as in putting soaked cotton balls under the pillow.

Clary sage oil can be mixed with coconut oil. The ratio is 10 drops of clary sage oil and 50 milliliters of coconut oil. The mixture should be rubbed on the feet and palms of a women in labor or expecting labor.

This oil can also be added to warm water in a bathtub for a relaxing bath. This is particularly useful for women who chose to give birth in a bathtub.

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