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The Basic Facts of Obesity inthe US

Inpretty much the same way a person's parents are not able to choosethe newborn's sex, hair color, height or size – they are not ableto choose the very same person's weight nor bone structure either.After all, it would have been too much of a burden aside from havingto raise a child.

Thereis a number of various factors which may determine whether a person'sbody will suffer from excessive body fat accumulation, although thisappears to be the predetermined fate of the majority of Americans. Statistically, 64% of Americans could be considered overweight, whichsums up to a figure somewhat above 125 million fat Americans. And afat American is an unattractive American.

Now,a person could argue that the result of these people's states is thatthey are eating unhealthy, being lazy, selfish, greedy or plain oldunattractive. All of these reasons could sound reasonable enough toanyone who hasn't taken a closer look at their lifestyles. So here'swhat would have been discovered after paying closer attention:nothing could be further from the truth!

These,often morbidly obese people, are actually hard working citizens whofrequently stay at the office late in order to work long hours and,consequentially, have got little time to spare for exercise and ahealthy diet. Atop of that a number of them has a slow metabolismwhich only further adds to the problem. And, what's worse, they oftenget mocked for their size and shape by many of the 36% of thepopulation which actually can spare the time needed for fitnessexercise.

What can be done,then?

Thereis no backdoor large enough to lead an elephant-person out of thissituation... the only thing left to do is to suck it up, clear enoughtime on the schedule to make it all work out nicely, and start eatingless junk food and exercising regularly.

Thisis not only a question of personal aesthetics and feeling moreattractive, it is also a major health issue. That's why everyoverweight person owes as much respect to his or her own body as toat least lose the harmful amount of fat – even if the person caresnot enough for a lean and agile figure.

Thefact is, most grown up still act like children when it is time to get ahead in life. What is meant by this is pointing the camera inthe other direction to avoid unwanted attention. And this is, sadly,one of the main reasons to people getting ridiculed about theirweight at the workplace – not that it should be the mainmotivational factor for weight loss, but rather a reason to pity theones who'd mock a fat person for no further reasons than a couple ofbrown points.

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