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It is a very disappointing fact that the average American’sdaily diet does not include even half of the required dietary fiber. This meansthat the body of the average American must be sluggish, it lacks power and ismuch harder to move than the bodies of people who ingest plenty of dietaryfiber on a daily basis. Those who ingest high amounts of fiber on a regular dailybasis are at a significantly lower risk of heart diseases, cancers and various otherserious medical conditions and diseases.

Healthy and Beneficial Food Items

Apples are remarkable sources of dietary fiber. They arealso rich in pectin, which is a chemical compound which may be of great helpwhen it comes to adding bulk to the stool. Apples are also known for theirslight laxative properties, which means that they are very efficient inencouraging the movements of the bowel. Apples are also among the mostdelicious ways of obtaining the much needed dietary fiber. The benefits ofapples may be enjoyed if one consumes them in their fresh and raw form but itmay also come in the form of apple sauce, apple cider and apple cider vinegar. Onemay also ingest the much needed amounts of dietary fiber by consuming bananason a regular basis. Bananas are also jam packed with potassium which is alsovery good for the proper functioning of the intestines. Other important sourcesof dietary fiber include different types of beans, various whole grains,spinach, prunes and strawberries.

Additional Information

Numerous studies have shown that the human body requires atleast 35 milligrams of dietary fiber daily, on a regular basis, so that itcould function properly. Dietary fiber is also very important when it comes tothe prevention of various diseases, illnesses and severe medical conditions.The fiber intake of an average American is somewhere around 13 milligrams perday, so it is not any wonder that heart diseases, diabetes and different typesof cancer occur at such a high rate. Insufficient intake of dietary fiber isalso the main cause of constipation in most cases. The fiber adds bulk to thestool so it becomes softened and is much easier to pass. The digestive processgets faster as well. The fiber needs to be accompanied with plenty of water sothat it could be highly effective. One may also try some of the specificallydesigned products such as Oxy-Powder.

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