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Information on Apple Juice

Apple juice is a beverage made by the pressing andmaceration of apples. The expelled juice sometimes gets treated by centrifugaland enzymatic clarification so that the pectin and starch can get removed.Sometimes the juice also gets treated by dehydration processes so as to becomea concentrate. Some manufacturers sell apple juice in an untreated state. Applejuice is usually produced commercially because the equipment needed for theextraction and clarification of juice is very costly and complex. Smaller operations usually located in theareas where the production of apples is high, often sell unfiltered andunclarified apple juice in the form of apple cider.

Health benefits of Apple Juice

Apple juice is an excellent source of various different typesof essential nutrients. Boron comes in very handy when it comes to maintaininga proper health and strength of the bones. Apple juice is also an excellentsource of polyphenols and procyanidins which are known for having amazingantioxidant properties and for being able to prevent various medical conditionssuch as Alzheimer’s disease and cancers. All antioxidant substances areefficient in slowing down the process of aging, fighting off the free radicalsand reducing the amount and severity of the damage they cause to the human bodyon the cellular level. Apple juice is very good at increasing one’s memory andit sometimes get fortified with vitamin C. Despite all the aforementionedhealth benefits of apple juice, it also contains very high amounts of sugar andcarbohydrates. Unfortunately it does not contain any dietary fiber because theapple skin does not get used in the process of manufacture.

Clear or Cloudy

For years people have that that the cleaner the apple juicethe healthier it is. Numerous studies have shown that it could not be furtherfrom the truth, because cloudy apple juice contains several times moreantioxidants than its clear counterpart. Cloudy apple juice is also much betterbecause it contains much more polyphenols than the clear juice. This is mainlybecause most polyphenols are located in the skin of the fruit. Certainscientific studies have shown that polyphenols may come in very handy when itcomes to prevention and lowering the risk of lung cancer. The best way of obtainingpolyphenols is to consume whole apples in their raw, fresh form. Otherimportant food items which contain plenty of polyphenols include chocolate,olive oil, green tea, red wine, plums, cabbage, broccoli, grapes, pears,berries and cantaloupe.

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