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There are a lot of people all over the world who suffer from anxiety attacks. There are not that many people who are not aware of what anxiety is. These people should know that it is a feeling of unease, like fear or worry. These feelings are not the same with every person and some people experience severe feelings while others experience only mild ones. Almost every person has felt anxiety at least once during his or her life and that is considered to be natural. It is normal for people to feel worried before an exam, for instance.However, it is not considered to be natural for people not being able to control being worried or afraid. These people are considered to be suffering from generalized anxiety disorder and they relaxation techniques for anxiety are the primary answer to their problems. People need to know that anxiety is also one of the main symptoms of several conditions.

Generalized anxiety disorder or GAD

People who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder will not feel anxious over just one situation or issue. These people will experience anxiety when confronted with various different situations and issues.A lot of people with GAD cannot remember the last time they felt relaxed. These people experience anxiety almost every day. People should also know that GAD symptoms can be both mental and physical. Not every person will experience the same symptoms.

How common is it?

According to certain studies in the UK, one person out of 20 is suffering from GAD. Women are affected by it more than men and GAD usually occurs in people who are in their 20s. However, people need not lose hope because there are ways a person can treat anxiety. Treatment

According to the experts, there are two main ways to treat anxiety and they are medication and psychological therapy.In most cases, a person will be aided with just one of these treatment plans, but some people are in need of both of them at the same time. Since people are different, there is no one treatment that is best for everyone. A person who experiences anxiety should first go to the hospital and talk it over with the doctor. The doctor will tell the patient about different treatments and then they will make the decision together.

Every doctor will advise a person to try a psychological treatment before he or she are prescribed with medication. Cognitive behavioral treatment is considered to be the best option for generalized anxiety disorder. Applied relaxation is another way a person can relieve the symptoms of anxiety.

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