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A mild form of anxiety is something that is normal in our everyday life. It happens that during some stressful situations we experience some form of anxiety. But, anxiety can appear as a disorder that requires more attention. Some may experience anxiety disorder for a long period of time and it can change his/her way by making it much more complicated and stressful. But, treatments that deal with anxiety disorder are proved to be very effective.

Main types of anxiety disorders

Each type of anxiety disorders differs in fears and manifestation from others. Generalized anxiety disorder is a type of anxiety disorder when a person has fear from something connected to health or finances and is in constant fear that something bad is about to happen. Panic anxiety disorder includes unexpected and immense sensation of terror and fear. An individual who suffers from panic disorder is in a constant fear from another panic attach, because he/she doesn’t know when the next one will occur. There are other fears that are linked to phobias about objects and situations that have a specific meaning to them. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is revealed when people have some of their own routine of doing things that are not so important and again, they do not have control over them. Post-traumatic stress disorder usually appears in people who experienced some kind of severe trauma and can be spotted if symptoms such as shortness of breath, trembling, and nausea appear. These symptoms are usually followed by some type of anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder treatment

People who suffer from anxiety disorder can experience immense consequences on their mental and emotional well being. If not treated, a person can create a lot of problems by avoiding confrontation with the fears. Anxiety disorder is usually followed by some other psychological disorder, making an individual liable to addiction form drugs, alcohol, etc.

Therapies that are proved to be the best in the treatment of anxiety disorders are behavioral and cognitive therapy. The method of treatment in the approach of behavioral therapists is to reduce or completely stop behavior that is connected to anxiety disorders. The approach and method of treatment with cognitive therapy differs from behavioral one and here it is learned how to understand thoughts that are contributing to the occurrence of anxiety disorder symptoms. These two methods are often combined. In some cases, anti-anxiety drugs are used, but only at the recommendation of the therapist or if prescribed by him.

The best qualified therapists for this kind of treatment are qualified licensed psychologists who have specialized in behavioral or cognitive approach of treatment. But, the amount of time needed to cure anxiety disorder isn’t the same for all, as we all are different. In general, eight to ten sessions are required to achieve and notice the first positive results.

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