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Anxiety is normal human response to stress. This psychological and physiological state manifests in numerous emotive, cognitive, Somatic and behavioral problems. In normal situations, anxiety is our reaction to a stressor, and it may help a person to deal with potentially harmful and difficult situation. However, when a person is suffering from too much stress, anxiety may become excessive and person may be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

About anxiety
Individuals with anxiety disorder may suffer from any of the conditions falling into realm of generalized anxiety, phobic, and panic disorders. In most cases, these individuals are treated using the cognitive-behavioral therapy, medications and alternative medicine. However, when a woman gets pregnant, she is often advised to discontinue with anti-anxiety medication during pregnancy. However, most of the pregnant women may experience slight or severe worsening of the anxiety symptoms, especially during the first semester.
Anxiety during pregnancy
Pregnancy is a very special stage in life of every woman. The women are growing a life inside their body and it is very important to eat, drink and feel good in order to deliver a healthy child. Most pregnant women will feel worried about whether their baby is growing healthy and if their pregnancy will continue without any complications. But very often, the anxiety can become very consuming and interfere with normal daily functioning. This problem is especially pronounced in women who have discontinued using their anti-anxiety medication. However, there are many great and effective ways to deal with the anxiety without endangering the health of a baby.
Managing anxiety during first trimester
The best way to start dealing with anxiety is to share the feelings and concerns with partner, friends and family members. Communicating openly will help the women feel better and help the others from her environment to understand the exact way she is feeling.
Woman should also try to reduce the anxiety at work and at home by taking some time every day to enjoy and relax. Woman should get enough of good night sleep, rest during the day, and enjoy her vacation or sick days whenever it is possible.
Relaxation techniques
Relaxing physical activities such as yoga or stretching are great way to work on both physical and mental health. Breathing exercises, often practiced with yoga will additionally help to clear the mind and calm down.
It is recommended to avoid reading a lot of pregnancy books or web sites. Women should stop to explore frightening topics and inform about every little thing that may go wrong with the pregnancy. This informational overload usually serves as a powerful trigger for anxiety.
If nothing from above helps, women are advised to seek professional counseling and enjoy the rest of their pregnancies.

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