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Am I pregnant? This is probably a question that every woman will ask herself at some point in her life, and quite likely multiple times. It is a question that can pop into your head as you realize your period might be late, because you feel sick, tired, or are experiencing mood swings. Some women just "know" they are pregnant practically as soon as they conceive, while others get their "aha moment" much later. The question Am I pregnant? is not picky, and it doesn't care if you were trying to conceive or really did not want to be pregnant. If this question comes into your head and you already noticed a missed or late menstrual period, it is time to take a pregnancy test at the earliest opportunity!

Peeing on a stick will give you all the answers you need if you already had a late period. After your pregnancy test, you will no no longer have a need to be in the dark about whether you are expecting a baby or not. Of course, some women know that they are pregnant even before their period was late. Common tell-tale signs include an implantation bleeding, extreme fatigue, mood swings or feeling very emotional, having to pee very frequently, and of course morning sickness (at any time of the day). If you are curious to find out if your intuition served you right, you can always try taking one of the early, extra sensitive pregnancy tests on the market. Do take into account that you have a chance of getting a false negative with this kind of test. If you have been asking yourself the famous question Am I pregnant?, we hope to be able to congratulate you soon if you were hoping for a baby, and we join you in hoping your period will come along if a pregnancy is not welcome.

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