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There are a lot of teenagers who are experiencing problemswith acne. There are almost 50 million Americans affected by acne. Camphor oilcan be used for the reduction of painful sensations and inflammatory conditionswhich are often associated with the occurrence of acne. Camphor is also anintegral ingredient of numerous types of over the counter products intended forthe treatment of acne.

The main causes of acne are clogged skin pores which arevery prone to various types of infections and inflammatory conditions. The mostcommon location for acne is the face but they may also appear on the back,neck, chest and the arms. Acne can have white or black spots on their tops. Ifthe pore blockage goes even deeper, acne may appear as pimples or bumps.

Thepimples may be filled with pus and they can sometimes be very painful. Camphoris a tree which originates from Japan, China and Vietnam .Its botanical name iscinnamomum camphora. It has been used for numerous centuries for the treatment ofvarious medical conditions. Camphor oil gets extracted from the camphor treeand it is known for its very potent disinfectant qualities.

It can come in veryhandy when it comes to treating various kinds of painful sensations andinflammatory conditions. It is approved by the FDA in strict concentrationpercentage only.

Uses and Benefits

Camphor oil is often an integral ingredient of numerousdifferent types of lotions and ointments intended for the topical applicationand treatment of acne. Camphor oil can also be added to the bath water as well.It can be very beneficial for the maintenance of proper skin health. One shouldsteam the face and massage it with camphor oil before going to sleep.

The oilshould be left on the face during the night so that the skin can absorb it. Theface needs to be washed in the morning. Camphor oil should never be usedinternally. One should always wait up to eight weeks before the first resultsof the treatment may be noticeable. Acne are often associated with differenttypes of bacterial infection and scarring so camphor oil can be of great helpin treating acne and avoid the aforementioned negative aspect they bring alongwith them.

Warnings and Side Effects

Camphor oil should never be applied to cracked or brokenskin because it may lead to camphor poisoning. Pregnant and breastfeeding womenshould avoid using camphor oil. Side effects of camphor oil may or may notinclude eye irritations, headaches, skin irritation, dizziness, nausea, convulsionsand diarrhea.

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