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Acne is one of the most common medical conditions and itaffects a large number of people everywhere around the world. It is also anunfortunate fact that it affects women much more than it affects men. Women aremuch more concerned with acne because they are always obsessed with their looksmuch more than men are. Women are moreprone to acne than men because their hormonal system is much more unstable and complicatedthan the hormonal system in men. All treatment for acne designed for women arealso usually much more expensive than those which intended to be used by men.In most cases, acne affects the people in their teenage years. Boys usuallystart experiencing acne around the age of thirteen, while the girls usuallytend to get them for the first time at the average age of eleven. This isbecause girls usually mature much earlier than boys as they enter puberty twoyears earlier. The teenage years always bring along certain rapid changes inthe levels of hormones in the body. That can be said for both testosterone andestrogen. Androgens are a lesser known type of hormones but they are also veryimportant for the occurrence of acne. Increased levels of androgens affect thegirls much earlier, but they tend to be much higher in the boys.

Acne in Women

In most women acne tends to persist into adulthood, if itoccurs in the teenage years for the first time. The menstrual cycle is commonlyassociated with various different sorts of hormonal changes so that is why itis also commonly inseparable from acne, especially in those girls and women whofirst started having acne in their teenage years. Acne also tends to follow themonthly cycle commonly associated with menstruation. Most women suffer fromacne even in their twenties, and the condition gradually disappears once theyreach their forties and sometimes even thirties. Acne affects only fifteenpercent of female population over fifty years old.

Acne can be relieved during the period of pregnancy, but itis usually just a shift of an acne pattern. Even when it does occur during pregnancy, acne is present usually duringthe third semester because that is the time of rapid hormonal changes in thebody of a woman. Women may use most over the counter medications in order toresolve this annoying medical condition. Natural remedies can be a betteroption in some cases.

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