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Achy joints

One of the common musculoskeletal problemsis the ache in the joints. Many people come to suffer from this disorder due to a minor injury. How long the pain in the joint will last dependsonly on the cause and the proper treatment.

The joint is the place where twodifferent bones connect and the stability of the joint is provided by thetendons and the ligaments. Apart from the ache in the affected joint, the personusually experiences swelling and inflammation, rigidity and muscle pain in thearea that surrounds the affected joint.

Causes of achy joints

The pain in the joints may beinduced by numerable reasons, which can range from mild to very seriousconditions. In the majority of cases, achyjoints are caused by the inflammation of the joints, which is medically termedas arthritis. Arthritis is a condition that has over hundred distinguishable typesand it mainly affects the elderly population although it can also be found in theyoung people. When one suffers from arthritis, the lining of the joint isinflamed thus causing pain. Another condition responsible forthe appearance of the pain in the joints is bursitis, which is the inflammation ofthe bursa or small sacs that enable the smooth gliding of the joints when oneperforms some activity. Bursitis is usually caused due to aging or due toexcessive pressure made on the joints.

Achy joints are also a consequenceof wearing and tearing of the tendons in the strenuous activities over time. There are several medical conditionsthat are likely to induce pain in the joints and muscle weakness, and some of them are anemia, diabetes, fever and cancer, as well as hyperthyroidism andhypothyroidism. Overexercising, pulled muscle inan exercise, and inactivity arealso the possible causes for the achy joints.

The joints in the body may bepainful due to some unhealthy diet, for example, the one that is deficient in essential nutrients which are necessary for the functioning of the joints. Dehydration, obesity and hormonalimbalance are also considered to be the causative factors for the occurrence ofachy joints and fatigue. Furthermore, the ache in the jointsmay be caused by bad body posture, an injury to the muscle, or an injury to thebones, as well as by physical and mental stress. Various infections that are causedeither by bacteria and viruses or by fungi may also lead to the painfuljoints.

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