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A Brief Introduction

Peopletend to want to look young, healthy and also charming. This is why many people are spending a whole lot of money in order to keep it that way.

However, most people are already born with great skin, yet they take little action to do something about it in time. This is why so many later on have to struggle with skin problems and apply treatments along the lines of frequently moisturizing it, and so forth.

"Beauty Comes From Within"

Soobviously, the market today is over-flooded with truckloads of skin creams. But sadly, many of those are completely useless, as they neither moisturize nor hydrate the skin. This is why it is important to make a wise choice based on a moderate amount of necessary research. This should involve learning about substances that will stimulate the person's skin growth, and so forth.

Because beauty comes from the inside, maintaining a super food diet is one way of keeping a person's skin healthy. These foods will also make the indulger feel better (in general) and more youthful. The following is an explained list of eight super foods which could most definitely be seen as useful skin care treatment.

The Eight Super Foods

Eggwhites provide the human body with lots and lots of protein. Eggs are, furthermore, an excellent resource of zinc, which is a mineral that keeps the human skin smooth, firm and young and vital. The truth is: no cream in the world could beat egg whites.

Pomegranates are used to make a person's skin a great deal softer. It should be consumed in form of juice, at least a cup a day. On a side note, it will also drastically increase the vitamin C levels.

Olive oils ensure that the human skin is getting enough of the right types of fat, which will in turn "glow" the person's skin.

Watermelon should be eaten plentifully. The more of it someone eats, the healthier he or she will look. It is because it contains vitamin C and potassium which help balance as well as regulate the body water in cells.

Blueberries contain more extra antioxidants and fiber than most other additional foods. Blueberries help prevent the damage done to the cell structure, wrinkles and firmness of skin.

Green tea contains catechism, and may be used to reduce brown spots. Two cups per day should be indulged. It is also rich in antioxidants. Green tea prevents rashes caused by sun damage, as it battles with free radical damage as well.

Cold Water Fish is rich in natural omega-3. It is also rich in fatty acids which are used to improve skin cell membranes. Also, it is an excellent choice of hydrating the skin as well.

And lastly: spinach and kale provide vital antioxidant compounds, as they guard damage which may be made by sunlight. Three cups per day ought to be consumed.

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