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What is Health?

People often misinterpret health forsomething else. Namely, they believe that being healthy is the sameas having a healthy skin or being fit and exercising regularly.Surely, all these things contribute to the overall effect, but thereis much more to being actually healthy. Instead of focusing on singlefactors regarding our well-being, we should look at a broader plan,since our health depends on various other things. Therefore, in orderto be in excellent shape and to consider yourself healthy in thefirst place, you need to have perfect body, mind and spirit areas ofyourself. These three all influence each other and you need tonourish all of these aspects in order to achieve a satisfying overalleffect.

How Can Lazy People Stay Healthy?

First of all, in order to achieveperfect health, you do not have to spend a lifetime in the gym oroverindulge into some radical changes you are to introduce in yourlifestyle. Rather, taking it easy, one step at a time, but stayingpersistent in your changes can truly make a difference. Since, as itwas mentioned above, everything is connected, your diet can influenceyour need for exercising.

Thus, let us start with eating. Youraverage meal should not be more than the size of your two clenchedfists. The first fist should represent proteins which can be found inlow-fat, lean meat. The other, however, should consist ofcarbohydrates found in rice, potatoes and similar food which you areto bake or steam cook, avoiding frying in oil at all costs. Eventhough these meals may seem small, you may have about 6 of these aday. Then, you will be full all the time, but will never eat toomuch, helping your organism digest the food properly and using all ofits nutrients adequately. This will make you lose weight, believe itor not.

If you happen to lack all the timenecessary for preparing these meals, pay a nutritionist a visit andask him/her for a valuable alternative. There are many shakes whichare easy and quick to be made, but are incredibly rich with all thegood stuff your body craves for. Taking multivitamin tablets willalso get you covered.

However, you still should not neglectexercising completely. Even though you need not spend hours in thegym, occasional walk or jogging session for 10 minutes 3 times a weekcan be more than excellent for your health.

Always drink plenty of water,especially when you are exercising and, if you want some lean musclemass, opt for a weight training every now and then.

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