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Even though this might not be commonly known, acupuncture has been used for treating infertility since ancient times. In fact, acupuncture restores a person's bodily and, thereby, spiritual balance, thus increasing chances for conception. Acupuncture can also be used for regulating blood pressure and promoting natural healing powers which reside in our body via inserting very thin, sterile needles into specific points on the surface of our skin.

Acupuncture vs Infertility

Since acupuncture stimulates blood flow to vital organs, bettering the distribution of all the necessary bodily fluids and nutrients, it can also improve the function of the ovaries and, this way, increase chances of successful fertilization. Additionally, it makes the lining of the ovaries thick, rick and healthy.

Moreover, acupuncture is capable of removing any blockage in the tubes, by bettering the circulation. Sometimes, when acupuncture is combined with adequate herbal medicines, this combination can treat the very causes of infertility, even prevent a possible miscarriage. Due to a wide range of successful treatments in history, many people try these methods before they opt for alternatives.

Acupuncture before In Vitro Fertilization

In some cases, acupuncture can even increase chances of success when it comes to in vitro fertilization. In order for this to be possible, the therapy needs to start 4 months before IVF, so that the body of the woman will have enough time to adjust and prepare for the process adequately. Also, acupuncture has to start lightly and advance in intensity in time. It is very important for the couple not to be under stress during the process, even though this might be too much to ask. However, stress and frustrations may all decrease chances of successful fertilization, making the process futile. Thus, some experts recommend acupuncture for relaxing purposes, even after IVF.

Thus, taking into consideration that stress is one of the major causes of infertility issues, acupuncture can stand in its way too, helping people stay relaxed and manage to conceive without difficulties. Nevertheless, do not forget that, in order to be effective, acupuncture should be performed by experts who are qualified, using qualified equipment and certified methods.

Once the fertilization is complete and successful, acupuncture still has plenty to offer. Namely, a special type of this treatment, called electro-acupuncture therapy is used for reducing labor pains and making the whole procedure of giving birth less painful and long. This prevents mothers from suffering excessively and decreases hospital bills.

Yet, never forget to consult your doctor before indulging into any kind of acupuncture therapy.

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