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Chinese traditional medicine is something which is considered alternative medicine in the western world. However, this kind of medicine encompasses many different ancient, yet effective, treatments such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy and dietary therapy.

All these treatment methods are based on our body's balance of yin and yang, taking a holistic approach, dealing with one's health problems on a wider scale, not focusing on symptoms, but, rather on the possible source of the problem.

Today, you can purchase many herbal medications from Chinese traditional medicine. However, this type of medicine has also led to extinction of many animals due to production of various medicines from their bones, organs etc. Thus, nowadays, Chinese traditional medicine is accepted in some forms, while in many others is not.

Is Chinese Traditional Medicine the Right Choice?

Usually, when conventional medicine fails to help a person deal with his/her health problems, he/she seeks help elsewhere, turning to alternative medicine. This medicine believes that all health problems stem from our cosmic imbalances or lack of balance in our bodily energy, which, instead of flowing freely through, gets blocked or obstructed.

Thus, this medicine has the goal to restore this balance, through acupuncture or other methods, allowing the energy to optimally flow through our body.

Most of the methods of Chinese medicine are considered to be completely safe and beneficial. Nevertheless, there are medical professionals who beg to differ.

Dangers of Chinese Traditional Medicine

If this type of medicine is not practiced correctly, convulsions, infections, fainting, punctured lungs and organs are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to possible side effects. Additionally, lack of proper sterilization can lead to Hepatitis B, nerve damage or skin diseases.

For these reasons and due to the fact that there have been many illegal issues connected with practicing acupuncture, this type of Chinese traditional medicine is still not accepted and approved as a legal, medical treatment method. Moreover, many experts claim that it is only the placebo effect that provides the illusion of effectiveness, when it comes to acupuncture.

On the other hand, there are many people who believe in this medicine and support it, especially the herbal medications. These are known to be much safer than the pharmaceutical alternatives and can be used for treating numerous health problems including pain, physical and psychological disorders, allergies, respiratory diseases and even smoking or alcoholism. Of course, the list does not stop here, since there is more to these medications than we are allowed to know. Thus, do not trust every critique you hear about Chinese traditional medicine. Rather, stay open to alternative ways of healing and treatment.

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