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Sage essential oil

Ancient secret

Of all the different types of oil, this particular variety is among those that have been in the use for quite some time – since ancient times to be even more precise. Then it was employed primarily in medicinal purposes, especially by the Chinese, as well as by the Egyptians who considered it to be an extremely effective means for the treatment of female infertility. Today its benefits are further explored and revealed. But one has to be also quite careful with it, since it is known that the oil in question can bring about the occurrence of particular side effects. Therefore, it is important to employ it with utmost precaution and care, in order for a person to avoid all of the possible health damaging and negative repercussions.

Diversity of use

It's medicinal and health benefits are vast in nature and account for quite a number of different illnesses and conditions, both in remedying them, as well as battling them off for good. The following list gives a more complete picture of just how beneficially “rich” this specific variety of oil is.

  1. Regarded as quite important is the antiseptic property of the oil in question and its high potential in fast remedying of not only the wounds, but also ulcers and a whole variety of other similar conditions and ailments.
  2. It is also considered to be an extremely powerful antioxidant, which puts it in a group of highly efficient remedies for skin scars and skin marks. In addition, its potential spreads all the way to slowing the aging process down by averting wrinkles from occurring, and maintaining the firmness of the skin, giving it a more youthful outlook.
  3. Anti-fungal potentials represent yet another plus side of this oil variety. Out of this reason, it is often employed in the treatment of such skin disorders as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.
  4. In case a person seeks an effective hair loss remedy, sage oil is the one to turn to. Namely, the person needs to massage his/her scalp on a regular basis, which will consequently increase stimulation of the oil glands, which are responsible for giving a person’s hair its natural shine.
  5. People suffering from cramps and many different types of spasms can also benefit immensely from this oil, since it has proven its benefits in relieving and remedying cramps occurring in the course of a menstrual cycle, among others.
  6. Digestion is another on the list of bodily processes that sage oil has shown its utmost effectiveness on, by eradicating just about any of the “bad” bacteria that might be present in the person’s stomach.

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