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Nutritional facts about tomato

Tomatoes in human nutrition

Almost every person will say that they like tomatoes. This is not hard to explain, since tomato has such an alluring flavor and, some would say, structure and color. It is among vegetables (or, shall we say, fruits) that should have a special place in nutrition of people. Owing to its unique contribution, it contains an abundance of healthy nutrients. Tomato succeeds across levels – from a delicious food to a precious source of vitamins to being a remedy for some ailments.

As we have mentioned, tomato can be also regarded as a fruit, apart from being classified as a veggie. Fully ripe tomatoes can be consumed as independent snacks as well as fantastic decorations to various dishes. Tomato is available in the fresh form, as well as in a can or cooked and kept in bottles for the winter. You can enjoy its splendor virtually across the entire year. What is more, one study that has been conducted demonstrated that having tomatoes on a regular basis decreases one’s chances of getting cancer.

Benefits of consuming tomatoes

As we have mentioned, tomato can be very effective in warding off cancerous states in the human body. The kinds of cancer that seem to be the most repelled by ingestion of tomatoes are the cancer of cervix, kidney, lungs, pancreas and skin. The substance in tomato that we have to thank for these beneficial effects is called lycopene. It is a red antioxidant carotenoid pigment found in tomatoes and in many other different berries and red fruits. Some other veggies may lose some or many of their precious nutrients while being cooked, but there are indications that tomato actually becomes healthier with cooking.

One of the facts related to tomatoes that could be interesting for people who suffer from high levels of cholesterol in blood as well as from high blood pressure will be pleased to hear that tomato is among the foodstuffs that contain insignificant amounts of saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol. As we have previously indicated, tomato has plenty of healthy nutrients. Its reserves of vitamins C and A are worth noting, and there are also magnesium and potassium.

Remember the fact that tomatoes contain healthy dietary fiber which places it among the foods that work on cleaning your blood of cholesterol and other toxins. Since it has a very low calorie count it is among foodstuffs suitable for people who are trying to drop their excessive pounds. The substance known as riboflavin is known for its ability to decrease the symptoms of migraines, and rest assured that consuming tomatoes will bring you one step closer to relieving symptoms of eye problems, irregular bowel evacuation and morning nausea.

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